Silly mortal excuses
for not having Life Insurance

Brought to you by creatures with an eternity of wisdom.

I’m young, it can wait

Unless you’re planning on being mummified and roaming the earth as an undead toilet paper roll, buy Life Insurance when you’re young. It keeps your premiums low.

It's too complicated

It doesn’t take three wishes to simplify Life Insurance. It just takes one phone call to an Allstate Agent to get started. They’ll help you every step of the way. Poof!

It's too expensive

More than 80% of you tasty snacks overestimate the cost of Life Insurance. It costs less than you think. Vhat are you vaiting for?

My job covers that

Since the beginning of time, Life Insurance offered through most employers has been temporary and won’t be enough coverage on its own. Alright, back to an eternity of guarding the forest.

What's in it for me?

Perrrrrsonalized insurance from an Allstate Agent is custom tailored for your needs. Ask about living benefits like tax-free loans, and other ways to ensure your family always lands on their feet.